Friday, April 23, 2010

Fitness Help on Your Phone

Found this article on Fitness applications for mobile phones. You'll find it here

Get Fit And Stay Fit With The Help Of Your Phone

Monday, March 15, 2010 releases a free iPhone App the fantastic web site for articles and information now makes it easy for you to consume that information on your mobile phone with their new, free, iPhone application. You can find it here

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twitter Tools

Your Twitter homepage is a great place to manage your Twitter account, however it isn't very convenient for reading and posting with any regularity. Thankfully there is a solution.

Twitter  tools, Twitter apps, Twitter clients; what ever you want to call them, are light-weight, unobtrusive applications that stay open on your desktop conveniently allowing you follow incoming Tweets as well as post them. These applications can simplify Replying and ReTweeting, as well as aid in organizing and tracking messages.

Many of these Twitter applications are free and available for a variety of platforms including Windows, Macintosh, as well as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, Palm and iPhone. I have listed some of the more popular ones below. Since many are free you can play around and see which works best for you.





Windows Mobile

Nine Health and Fitness Apps for Your iPhone

Nine Health and Fitness Apps for Your iPhone - Health Care IT from eWeek

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tweet Like The Elite - #Hashtags

Hash Tags
With millions of new Tweets everyday so it can be difficult to search for Tweets related to a topic you want to follow. For example if you were to search Winter Warriors any Tweet that contained instances of those two words would be pulled up,  not matter theer context.

Hashtags are an organizational tool that can be included in Tweets to help assist in indexing them so they are easier to searched and found.

A Hashtag begins the pound sign (#) followed by a word/s with no spaces.
For Instance:

If people used this Hashtag, #winterwarrior, whenever they Tweeted about the Winter Warriors you could easily search for Tweets referencing the CES training program by entering Hashtag into the Twitter search.

Note: Your Hashtag is part of your 140 characters of your Tweet,  so it is best to come up with those that are concise and clear.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tweet Like the Elite - Direct Message

Direct Message 
When you send Direct Message on Twitter, it is sent only to the user specified, it will not appear on your timeline or be sent to any of your other followers. The user ddressed will also receive an email containing the Twitter target to them.

To send a Direct Message to a user put a d and a space before the target username.
For instance:

d  cescoachmike Thanks for the advice hopefully it will get me that PR

 Direct Messages:
Can only be sent to someone following you & who follow use.
Are not completely private, so use caution on what informattion is sent.

Tweet Like the Elite - @Reply

@ Replies
An @reply is used to address a Tweet to a specific user. Although all of our followers will see the Tweet the @reply flags the Tweet to the specified user.

To send a Tweet with an @reply include the @username in your Tweet post
For instance:

@cesweather Thanks for the information I see you at @fleetfeetchicago 

@replies will be flagged on the targeted users homepage.
@replies will appear in the targeted users timeline whether they are following you or not.

There is no space between @username
You can @reply more than one user in a Tweet.